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Is Addison's Always Deadly or Life-Shortening?

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    November 19, 2019 8:42 PM EST

    This question was forwarded to me related to the webinar on New Research Insights Into Canine Addison's Disease ...

    If diagnosed early and treated with twice-daily low dose prednisone and monthly blood tests, is Addison's still considered a potentially deadly or life-shortening disease?

    Addison's disease is life threatening when an Addisonian crisis occurs. With proper treatment and monitoring dogs can live very normal lives with no concern that they will die of the disease - as long as they continue treatment. I have had some owners get very distressed when I tell them that their dog has Addison's because they previously had a dog that died of this disease. This is terribly sad because Addison's is one of the most treatable diseases that we veterinary internists get to deal with.