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VetVine's Life Coaching for Professionals is a great resource for individuals or teams
wanting to create positive change in their lives including improving leadership skills,
managing conflict, time management, or personal goal setting.
 Gwen Pettit, PT, MS, MA, ACC
is a Certified Life Coach 
and Contributor in VetVine's Coaching Corner.








Challenged with time management, managing stress, or 
achieving goals or change?
Gwen works with individuals and teams. 

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What is coaching?
A professional coach is an expert at helping you create positive change in your life.
The results that you get are all focused on making a positive change in your professional or personal life.
Some examples of objectives are: improving leadership skills, how to handle conflict with staff,
managing time, prioritizing your work projects or creating work-life balance. The changes that you want
to make are the basis for your individual contract with the coach. 

How does it work?
Gwen starts with a goal setting session where you determine what you want to achieve as outcomes from coaching. Together you set up a program that uncovers your current obstacles and focuses on actions that lead to solutions. Coaching occurs with phone calls and use of online journal program in-between calls. Gwen’s promise is to hold you accountable, challenge you and be your best advocate to create positive change.


Executive Coaching - Individuals
This option is the best choice for a senior leader or business owner who needs to implement organizational change, develop strategic pathways or develop new skills quickly. This program is more intensive coaching contact with coaching available daily through an online journal and weekly phone calls.

Group and Team Coaching (2-7 Members)
Team coaching is appropriate when the goals are related to team building, conflict resolution, improving accountability among team members for results or improving communication systems. 
Group programs are set up around a specific topic where individuals share a need to make improvements.